A comprehensive energy-efficiency solution for housing companies

Fidelix TuneSmart

Let's make your housing company operations smart and hassle-free

Would you like your housing company’s building automation to save on energy, reduce stress, and lower costs? To optimise your heating, consumption and living comfort while keeping track of your savings from an app? Perhaps you want a designated contact person and the best professionals in the business to ensure that your solution stays operational?

This is the thinking behind Fidelix TuneSmart, an entirely new type of service package for housing companies that want to prepare for the future. TuneSmart modernises your company’s building maintenance technology, delivers energy-efficient heating, offers smart controls, and gets you prepared for water consumption monitoring and other environmental regulations that could crop up. 

TuneSmart case

What do our customers say?

“When it comes to saving energy, the living conditions of residents take precedence. Indoor air temperature must remain constant to ensure that residents are comfortable. Fidelix's system allows us to set a desired target temperature and monitor conditions on an apartment-by-apartment basis,"  says Oskari Laine, the Property Manager of housing companies As Oy Helsingin Pitäjänhovi and As Oy Helsingin Pitäjänpuisto in Helsinki